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The WNCSP A$$ Spectacular w/ Papa Dave, Jenkins, Corvin and "Ceiling Fan"

178 minutes

In our most "bass-ackward" edition of your WNCSP, Papa Dave and the fellas wrestle with the question of the day..."Have you accepted "Ceiling Fan" into your heart? Oh and we ponder Dave's burning question-of-the-day..."Are those canned hams in your ass, or are you just glad to see me?" @PhilthePromoter joins in for this "Asstacular" WNCSP. Sunshine, listen and/or download this one or you will feel the wrath of the almighty "Ceiling Fan"

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Start listening to Crazy News Worldwide 3-"High Speeders, Poop Speeders and Elder Dating"
Start listening to Crazy News Worldwide 3-"High Speeders, Poop Speeders and Elder Dating"